Our Team

Tumi Demuren

Daimler Inc. Exclusive Real Estate Agent

Tumi has been involved in real estate for half of his life, following in the footsteps of his father, who has been a real estate agent for over 15 years and a developer for over 10 years. Mentored by great role models, Tumi has handled all types of deals in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. He works with first-time homebuyers, investors, and homeowners, always putting clients first. No time is too late or early to call or email him. Additionally, Tumi is the exclusive agent for Daimler Builds INC.

Sinmisola Demuren

President of Daimler Texas Inc.

Sinmisola Demuren, an esteemed real estate developer, serves as the President of Daimler Texas Inc., a leading owner and developer of real estate properties in the Houston area. Starting his career in D.C. with his family, Sinmi has expanded his expertise to Houston and is looking to expand further. He oversees a diverse portfolio, including apartments, townhomes, and luxury single-family homes.